Creating a Complete Campaign

Fāzilka Marketing Matters

The beauty of social media and the internet is the almost instantaneous tracking that it provides users and marketers.

A post on Facebook immediately gathers information, and you can get an excellent idea of its popularity based on shares and likes. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest feature similar types of tracking – and so does the United States Post Office! Barcodes and Business

The barcodes used on mailings contain a wealth of information, all of which can be easily transmitted back to the operation at Three Dog Logistics.

Thanks to our custom created software and OBBAgistics, we are able to provide data to customers that includes:

• The time mail left the local post office
• The day the mail will reach an address
• Any delays in delivery
This type of information allows our customers to pinpoint crucial dates in their own marketing campaigns, and make excellent use of social media.

Imagine this scenario: postcards advertising your latest product or service are sent out nationwide to your customers. OBBAgistics tracks the campaign, and you get accurate information as to when those postcards will arrive.

Your social media guru posts information, alerting your customers to a special sale or promotion that is tied directly to the postcard. Not only is your target audience alerted to this information via print and electronic media, they are more likely to act on your offer!

Terrific Tools

Coordinating a marketing campaign requires a certain degree of effort and know how, but when you receive information and data quickly, reaching out to customers is infinitely easier. And while social media is definitely a great way to push out information, email and phone calls are other viable tools.

With all of these tools at your disposal, creating a multi-faceted marketing campaign becomes easier, and you know that the marketing dollars you are committing are going to be well spent. And remember, after the campaign is complete, you can analyze and review the information that was gathered, so your next effort will be even more successful.

If you want to learn more about OBBAgistics and the other services we provide at Three Dog Logistics, contact us today at 410 284 5494 or visit our site!