Why Three Dog

Why Us?

To save money and expedite delivery.

http://ashmann.uk/trips-and-whatnot/hansel-2012/hansel-of-film-running-rain-etc/ Since 2005, Three Dog has been streamlining the steps to get your mail into the postal stream with the least amount of hassle at the best possible price. Using our time-tested technique of commingling and drop shipping, we help our clients achieve greater postal discounts than they would otherwise qualify for. And most importantly, because we handle millions of pieces of mail per day, you take advantage of the deep discounts our volume enjoys.

Who We Serve

We have become the go-to provider for a variety of industries.

Why We Do It Better

When USPS changes its rates, our phones ring off the hook. That’s because we spend time studying the USPS changes so we can predict them in advance. Using our expertise, we have developed sound postal optimization strategies for our clients that will help them adhere to new rules or avoid portions of the price increases. Clients count on us for our know-how. They know that we are responsive and agile because we introduce new concepts and offerings at a faster rate than our competitors.

In addition, our size and scale have afforded us a very close relationship with the USPS. We have multiple USPS postal clerks on-site daily to provide postal verification at our Three Dog facility. This streamlined certification process, our proprietary sortation system and our logistics network all combine to result in to deeper client savings.

We serve some of the nation’s most recognized brands. Our long-standing relationships with other parties in the supply chain, such as agencies and mail shops, allow Three Dog to provide outstanding service and support to every type of “client“  seeking benefits from postage savings.

Three Dog has earned several industry, local and national awards for our business model, creativity, and ability to grow exponentially. We are a six-time Inc. 500-5000 winner, which we consider an outstanding achievement. We are proud recipients of the 2015 BBJ Baltimore Best Places to Work Award, and we have one of the Daily Record’s 2016 Top 100 Women in Maryland as our COO. Founder John Kennedy has published several articles, and is considered a thought leader in the industry.


Meet Three Dog

All too often, we watch customers spend too much valuable time tracking shipments, looking for bills, and paying higher costs than they should for mail and freight. As USPS postal rates continue to rise and service levels are reduced, our mission at Three Dog is to offer better postage rates while providing more predictable service levels. We can do this by handling millions of pieces of mail per day, and by inserting it into the postal system “as close to the final mile” as possible, using the brand name carriers that you know and trust.

We take much the same approach with parcels. Three Dog offers many different package solutions, from kitting and assembly, to marketing and lightweight parcels, to product sampling and backend premium fulfillment.

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