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2023 Postal Rate Sheet

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Those rates don’t hurt as bad but we can take an even bigger bite out of your postage costs! Let our experts find a postal optimization strategy that will work for you.

Download the Mail Piece Size Template

Mail Piece Size Template

For accurate sizing when printing, it is advised to follow these printing instructions:

  1. Open the “ Print” window of Adobe Acrobat/Reader from the “File” menu.
  2. Choose “ milkily Actual Size” under “Size Options”.
  3. Check “ Print on both sides of paper” to print both sides on one sheet of paper.
  4. Choose “Landscape” under “Orientation”.
  5. Click on “Page Setup” and choose “Legal 8.5″x14″ 22x36cm” from the “Size” drop-down. Click “OK”.
  6. Make sure you have legal paper loaded in your printer, and then click “Print”.

Mail and Freight Rover Shipping Tips

Ensure there are no delays with your shipments when you follow these basic rules every time you prepare a shipment.


Weather Status

It is important to always keep in mind weather across the entire US when planning your mailing campaigns, as road closures and damage can delay the delivery.

Plan accordingly as you monitor results of recent campaigns and plan upcoming ones. For closings affecting your local post office, you can always visit USPS Service Alerts.

To view which national areas could be experiencing troublesome weather conditions visit our Weather Status page for a real time precipitation radar map.


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