Mail Logistics: the fastest, most affordable delivery for your mailings.


Parcel Logistics

Mail Logistics: the fastest, most affordable delivery for your mailings.

Take your savings to the next level with parcel consolidation services. Did you know there is a more economical shipping method for your flats, marketing and lightweight parcels, and bound printed matter?  Three Dog is the answer for parcels and flats you or your clients mail in volume. We offer several types of parcel programs:

Drop Shipping

Save Delivery Time and Money with Drop Shipping.

If you have a standard mailing that is geographically concentrated to one city, county or state, Drop Shipping is a good way to shorten delivery time and save money on postage. We make it easy for you. We give you all of the instructions and labels, make pick up arrangements, and in addition, offer the best rates in the industry. We use brand name carriers you know and trust, and guarantee deliveries. In addition, our competitive prices will, quite simply, take a bite out of postage and freight costs.


Mail Rover

Meet Rover

We’ve automated and simplified online logistics using Rover, a fully EDI-based Transportation Management Software. Rover is smart. Rover is fast. When Rover sniffs out rates for you, he’ll show you a real-time list of multiple carriers and rates. You get to choose the carrier that best suits your shipping deadline and budget. And he’ll show you rates that are consistently lower than the ones you’re paying now. He’ll even schedule pick-ups.

We use the brand name carriers you know and trust, and offer guaranteed deliveries. Our competitive prices will, quite simply, take the bite out of postage and freight costs. We offer guaranteed deliveries and work with carriers you have established relationships with. But the biggest benefit of using Three Dog is our ability to bark down the price of postage and freight, allowing you to reap the benefits.

Mail Rover is the OBBAShip in our OBBAgistics offering.  Ask us about this powerful combination.

Freight Rover

Three Dog Freight brings you smarter, faster freight transportation decisions.

Three Dog Freight is your one-stop logistics provider. We handle all of your inbound and outbound freight needs. Our process starts with a world-class EDI-based Transportation Management System which provides you with instant dynamic rates and rate comparisons. Then we work with your preferred brand name carriers to get your mailings shipped efficiently. By choosing Three Dog Freight, you’re taking control over your shipping. You’ll enjoy better rates, and you’ll gain peace of mind from the knowledge that you can electronically track your shipments along the way.


Air & Ground Expedited

The speed of First Class Delivery--at great rates. Fast Dog!

Get the speed of First Class, at a better rate. Three Dog Logistics now offers a more economical way to send out your flats, small parcels, and bound printed matter with our Ground & Air Expedited services. Our Expedited services have national distribution transit time comparable to First Class Mail with an average delivery time of 2 to 5 days.

International Shipping

Making the Best Decision for Your Business

Oroville Single International Postage Rate.
We are certified in 2 methods - IPA which is faster and ISAL which is less expensive. For both, we can offer the most competitive rates available. All of our international mail originates in the US - not foreign post offices. Still the overall benefit is that we take care of all the hassles of international. buying Seroquel online
Reliable International Mail Delivery.
By reducing the number of middlemen in the mailing process, we are able to offer you more reliable deliveries. If you have a particular shipping service provider you prefer, not to worry –we use the name-brand carriers you know and trust.
Quick Canadian and Foreign Postage Rates.
We give you quick Canadian and foreign rates, and take care of all of the customs forms ourselves. That’s less work on your plate.


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