Logistics for Printers, Agencies, & NPOs.



Amp up your service offerings and boost your revenue.

buy provigil online without Print manufacturers and brokers can take advantage of our special services. We offer additional capabilities to print customers. The huge volume we handle makes our postal optimization solutions unbeatable.


Mail Shops

If postage is your single biggest cost for direct marketing, take advantage of the volume and expertise we offer as part of our complete Postal Logistics. Every time the USPS increases the price of postage, our phones ring off the hook. Why? Because postage accounts for a significant percentage of direct marketing costs.



Help your clients all the way from design to delivery and look like a star by offering our scale and expertise.

Once your campaign’s design is complete, the logical next step is to send the job to your printer of choice and ask them to mail the materials to the designated list. Right?


Consumer Packaged Goods – Samples & Ecommerce

We’re a “Must-Know” for Direct Marketers and Consumer Products Companies—No bones about it.

If you are a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company or agency and you need to package and send out product samples, you’ve followed your nose to the right place.



Does your campaign need a lift? Get your message in-home at the lowest possible cost and higher open rates. Good Dog!

Three Dog knows that for non-profit organizations, cash is tight and campaign lift is king. Agencies and marketing teams who work with NPOs are well aware of this budgetary challenge.



If you print it, we can ship it.

Three Dog uses our secure state-of-the-art warehouse to assemble and ship, saving our clients the hassle and cost by streamlining the process, optimizing your postage savings.

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