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If postage is your single biggest cost for direct marketing, take advantage of the volume and expertise we offer as part of our complete Postal Logistics. Every time the USPS increases the price of postage, our phones ring off the hook. Why? Because postage accounts for a significant percentage of direct marketing costs.

forgivably When you choose Three Dog Logistics as your Postal Optimization partner, you can rest easy knowing that we have in-depth knowledge of the latest equipment and most efficient solutions. Because we do our homework, we can take full advantage of the lowest possible rates, which means we save you money.

We’ll consult with you to determine which postal solution will give you the best service and savings, from full service intelligent mail barcoding (IMB) to the fastest in-home delivery methods. And because we love our clients, if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic area, we’ll even pick up your mail.

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