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order Ivermectin over the counter Once your campaign’s design is complete, the logical next step is to send the job to your printer of choice and ask them to mail the materials to the designated list. Right?

Not necessarily. If this is your typical process, you’re missing a huge opportunity to reduce one of the biggest budget items in your client’s campaign-- asynchronously postage. At Three Dog, we share our full range of logistics solutions with all types of agencies and design/marketing firms. Let us show you how you can help save your clients time and money by using our Postal Optimization services.

When you partner with Three Dog, you can give even your smallest projects the advantage of big project savings. And by recommending that your clients use Three Dog as their postal logistics provider, you will help them get the best possible postage rates. We provide subject-matter expertise to your clients while you reap the rewards. Bring us in at any stage of the project, and we can promise an impactful, powerful consultation. We’ll make you look fantastic.

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