It's all about response, isn’t it?


Does your campaign need a lift? Get your message in-home at the lowest possible cost and higher open rates. Good Dog!

Three Dog knows that for non-profit organizations, cash is tight and campaign lift is king. Agencies and marketing teams who work with NPOs are well aware of this budgetary challenge. Three Dog offers savvy new logistics solutions that will benefit both you and your clients. Here are a few examples:

Nguru Back-end Premiums

Our Premium Fulfillment service will pick up, package and promptly get your premiums out the door and into the hands of your recipients/donors at the most economical cost.

If you’re fulfilling premiums or sending back-end premiums, our lightweight parcel programs will give you a more economical shipping method. Our patent-pending program additionally provides a turnkey solution for fulfillment of back-end premiums. Mail Logistics

Our services allow you to commingle with our enormous pools for maximum savings, and take advantage of our speed with drop shipping.



Give your tired #10 envelopes and postcard campaigns a boost. Imagine a #10 envelope or postcard with a SUPER-SIZED premium enticement-… It starts with a carrier that is irresistible—a must-open. Adding in a premium will further entice them to read your message. We’ve seen response rates quadruple with this program. Who can resist a package that looks like a personal gift? Our parcel experts will work with you to create mailings that “wow” at an affordable cost.

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