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The huge volume of mail we handle makes us able to offer the most affordable commingling rates in the industry.

Take advantage of our huge volume to get the best possible postage rates. Commingling combines your marketing mail with other direct mail to gain access to lower postage rates.

  • Lower postage rates
  • Efficient scheduling and delivery methods
  • Largest privately held sorting facility on the East Coast

Parcel Fulfillment

Did you know there is a more economical shipping method for your flats, small parcels, and bound printed matter?

Parcels of all shapes and sizes have a similar ability to equal big costs. We work with clients to make those costs smaller through parcel fulfillment strategies that are constantly ahead of the curve. The key is thinking outside of the box, and often finding a different one all together.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Imagine, if you will, the glory of a 100% open rate.

With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), your message is delivered via a postcard or self-mailer into homes along with the First Class Mail. It’s not in an envelope, or stuffed inside a wrapper with other advertisements. Rather, it is delivered straight into the hands of your prospective customer, in full color, along with your personalized message and call to action. You determine the design and print format, and we take care of mailing.


Better Tracking with OBBAgistics

We help track mailing across the country from dock to delivery through our OBBAgistics program. OBBA stands for planning for your mail to arrive On a certain date, Before a specific date, Between two dates, or After a specific date—in other words, exactly when you want it to arrive.

Take control of your planning rather than making assumptions. We make sure that you know when your mail is delivered and provide full visibility throughout the mailing process.

  • Confirm that your mail was delivered
  • Find out if weather-related issues are impacting your mail and parcel delivery
  • Manage Labor Flow in your Call Center to respond to your Call Center customers

Click HERE to get more information about OBBAgistics.

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