Innovations In Delivery

Caen Mail delivery has come a long way since the dusty days of the Pony Express.

Almelo What once took weeks now takes days, and the United States Post Office continues to bring new innovations to its delivery options – and Three Dog has found ways to harness these innovations so our clients can grow and strengthen their businesses. Best known for Commingling services, Three Dog has expanded to offer multiple innovative services.

Barcodes With Brains

The barcode might be one of the most impactful innovations of our lifetime, ranking up there with the internet. Now commonplace, barcodes have been improved by the United States Post Office through its Intelligent Mail Package Barcode, also known as IMpb.

The IMpb is applied to every parcel and also to packages in the Extra Services class. The bars in each barcode include information about Mailer ID, Zip Code routing, and payment channel information. In addition, mail class and extra service are also included in the code.

Three Dog’s OBBAgistics software suite was designed and customized to take advantage of IMpb. This integration allows our clients to track their parcel mail through our website, and because it is tied directly in to the new barcode system, it is possible for you to track every piece of parcel mail you send out. Great for tracking product sampling, bound printed matter and anything requiring the IMpb.

Reaching Every Door!

When the USPS introduced Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), clients were now able to target specific carrier routes without the cost of purchasing lists up front. Clean, easy and less expensive, EDDM Complete from Three Dog Parcel provides everything you need to maximize the postal discounts EDDM offers.

Don’t forget Freight!

Smarter, Faster Solutions exist.

Innovations in software allowed Three Dog to implement a world-class EDI-based Transportation Management System to provide its clients with instant dynamic rates and rate comparisons. Combined with the use of brand name, known and trusted, carriers to ship, Three Dog gains control over freight shipments, better rates, and shipment tracking for up-to-date status along the way.

No More Ponies

While we do not have any ponies on our property, the Three Dog team is ready to help you get your mail and parcels delivered on time, and at a cost savings to you. If you would like to find out more about our company and services, check out our website or contact us today!