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The Psychology of Free Samples and Why They Work

One of the most effective tactics in the history of product marketing is sampling. Sampling is when brands give away smaller versions of their product to try – generally for free. Let’s study Birchbox. This super-star company launched in 2010 and was made famous when they introduced makeup sample boxes for just a $10 monthly…

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Prepare for Delays BEFORE the Next Big Storm

On January 4th the Bomb Cyclone storm walloped the entire East Coast earning its spot in history as one of the most intense weather events in decades. It wreaked havoc across the U.S. resulting in thousands of canceled flights, highway and airport closures, treacherous conditions, and massive disruptions to every channel that keeps mail and parcel…

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Insider’s Guide to Commingling Mail and Why You Should Care

Let’s review the basic goals of anyone involved in the direct marketing world. Goal #1: Reach your target audience and get them to notice your mail. Goal #2: Engage the direct mail recipient so they interact with your company or organization. Goal #3: Achieve goals #1 and #2 at the lowest cost and fastest rate…

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