Use OBBAgistics for Time Sensitive Mail Campaigns


When your campaign depends on the exact delivery date for a big sale, an election, a government mandate, or just to manage your call center and order processing workflow, OBBAgistics is the answer.

What does OBBA mean?

Your mail can be delivered  On a specific date, Before a specific date, Between 2 dates, or After a specific date.

What is OBBAgistics?

OBBAgistics combines 2 popular Three Dog services.

best online pharmacy to buy accutane OBBAship uses the same technology platform as MailRover.  The power to schedule your own pickups is at your fingertips and you can track your campaign’s delivery into the postal stream as you drop ship across the country.

Simpang Empat OBBAtrack takes your tracking to the next level and you can watch your deliveries within the postal stream light up a map of the country.

Click here to watch our video and learn how it works.

Why bother?

Imagine, if you knew when your mail was being delivered.

  • Staff your call center or store based on real-time data.  Why waste money having staff sitting around waiting for the phone to ring?
  • Plan B  implementation when weather or other challenges cause delays in part of the country. Perhaps spark a social media blitz, targeted email, telemarketing campaign or even a local radio ad in just those areas that are impacted.
  • Stronger response rate measurement.  So you were expecting responses by day 10 but you didn’t know that most of the campaign was held up for 2 days in a storm so you shouldn’t start measuring until 2 days later.

For mail shops, agencies and printers, this is another value-add you can offer your clients not to mention an added revenue stream for you.

These are just a few reasons our clients choose OBBAgistics on their important campaigns.

Contact us today to get your account set up and start tracking tomorrow.  Need help explaining this opportunity to your sales team, we can help with that too.  Just call us at 410-284-5494 ext 250.