5 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas to Kick-Start Procrastinating Customers

Everyone looks forward to the holidays, but if your customers have not yet booked their holiday marketing arrangements, they’re going to be very grumpy elves. Deadlines are passing and it’s simply too late for almost every option available. But don’t despair, Rudolph with his red nose is here to light the way. EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is available up until the very last minute. EDDM is perfect for locally focused companies as it is super-simple to execute and always costs less than first-class mail.

There are so many things that Every Door Direct Mail Offers. With a wide range of specs, postal carrier routes, online tools and 100% deliverability, you are ready to conquer this holiday season.  With EDDM, you’re not limited to just postcards.  Qualifying EDDM specs include multi-page booklets, tri-fold/bi-folds, and a variety of oversized and unique size postcards. There is also no need to purchase mailing lists because campaigns are based on postal carrier routes so they are delivered to every resident or business on that route. In addition, USPS has an easy online carrier route selection tool, making it simple to saturate any local market desired. Best of all, EDDM guarantees 100% deliverability. EDDM is delivered by the postal carrier so no envelope is necessary; the piece is delivered already opened removing a huge obstacle in the direct mail world.

Now that we have solved how to get your customer’s holiday campaign in the mail, it’s worth your time to play Santa.  Let’s turn to creative ideas to kick-start those procrastinating customers into action. Suggesting EDDM campaigns to the lollygaggers will make you look like a hero and add profit to your bottom-line!

order Pregabalin 5 Holiday Marketing Ideas to Rev Up End of Year Sales

  1. purchase Pregabalin Start an Annual Tradition Your Neighbors Look Forward to. There is something about a once-a-year special tradition approach that customers love at the holidays. It can be a unique party, a special type of sale, de-stress at the holidays offer, special treats, and more. The key is that as long as customers like the tradition, it will work. It can even be something you already have that you rebrand around the holidays. Incorporating a charitable element or opportunity for visitors to share their personal stories makes an idea like this less about sales and more about people. The ensuing goodwill is meaningful and drives customer loyalty through the holiday season and beyond.


  1. Invite Folks to Your Web Site for Special Holiday Cheer. Consider creating a special landing page to focus only on the holiday offerings. This approach delivers better-integrated campaign results because it’s very clear to the recipient what is being offered and how to take action while keeping them in the holiday spirit. Offerings can vary greatly depending on the business type, but generally, consumers look for something special to give as gifts to friends, family and even for themselves. Be sure to throw in offers that are not available every day because customers are smart and will see through this holiday ploy. Most importantly, make your web offers easy to share so that site visitors can serve as your best ambassadors. For more ideas check out these attention-grabbing holiday campaigns from the American Marketing Association.


  1. Offer Free or Reduced Domestic Shipping. Although this idea isn’t as creative as decking the halls, it adds gift-giving convenience that busy buyers will appreciate. Especially for brick and mortar stores juggling inventory all season long, the sale can still be made and shipped out later even if the item sold out. This tactic is particularly effective for companies that feature gifts with a personal or local flair. People love to share a piece of their hometown with others and free shipping makes the decision to buy from you stress-free. Three Dog has you covered, read these great tips to keep shipping costs low.


  1. Become a Drop-Off Site for a Give-Back Campaign. Offering your facility as a charitable drop-off site gives buyers the opportunity to interact with your company in a very different way. Trust us, the amount of loyalty and goodwill an event like this generates will shock you. Whether it’s a food drive, Toys for Tots, clothing drive, or gift drive for local military officers, make sure it’s a cause that’s close to your heart. It is a terrific opportunity to involve your employees in the selection of the cause, organization of the event, and to experience the great feeling that comes from helping others.


  1. Focus on the Time of Year vs. the Holidays. If your business is not particularly relevant to the holidays, don’t force it. Focus instead on seasonal offerings or messages on starting the New Year right. In all, customers want to know how you’re going to make their lives better, so you can take this opportunity to tell them clearly.


Retail stores are not the only players. Virtually any industry can take advantage of EDDM to drive business now or in the New Year. I’m all about making you look good, below are some crazy ideas off the top of my head, go ahead, pitch these to your customers and pretend it was your idea, I’ll never tell.


Holiday Marketing Hacks by Industry

Restaurants: Promote special wine dinners, holiday catering offers, gift card deals, limited time seasonal dishes, give back to the community nights, and holiday parties.

Retail Stores: Advertise holiday sales, holiday gift sets, host special events, promote charitable initiatives, gift card offers, and recruit holiday staff.

Health Clubs: Avoid holiday weight gain specials, bring a friend for free, offer health and well-being classes, and early sign-up for New Year’s resolution offers,

Auto Service and Dealers: End of year model sales, take advantage of end-of-year tax benefits, announce new model year cars, get your car ready for winter specials, and community giveback efforts.

Lawn Care: Plant before it gets cold, prep yard for winter, or offer discounts on early sign-up for spring lawn care contracts.

Spas/Hair & Nail Salons: Buy gift cards and you get a gift offer, girl’s night out, holiday party prep, thank you gifts for teachers/babysitters, and discounted advance visit coupons for the following year.

Community Organizations: Annual holiday or community event calendar, recycling or trash pickup schedule, or holiday church services and special events.

Non-Profits: Tell your story and ask for support at the holidays and throughout the year.


Ready to get your holiday groove on and give EDDM a try? Set-up is a snap and we offer dedicated support every step of the way. Remember, at Three Dog Logistics we take the bite out of postage and freight. Visit www.threedoglogistics.com or call 410-284-5494 ext. 220 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.