How Drop Shipping Can Improve Direct Mail Holiday Campaigns The holidays are your business’s time to shine, and direct mail holiday campaigns can do just that. But what about helping your bottom line shine as well? You can do both, with the help of drop shipping. Here, the postal experts at Three Dog Logistics explain how drop shipping can improve your direct mail holiday campaigns. The holidays are not far, and that means it’s time for holiday marketing campaigns to entice and excite shoppers. Direct mail is a wonderful way to personally deliver information about your newest products and services right into the hands of your target audience. And now, with the help of drop shipping, you can get your campaigns to them faster and more efficiently, all at a competitive rate.  

Delivery Time is Shortened

With drop shipping, delivery time of your direct mail is drastically reduced. Drop shipping bypasses multiple postal facilities, allowing mail to go straight from you to a postal facility much closer to your target consumers. Depending on the distance traveled, mail could arrive at the consumer’s door days faster than traditional postal methods! While other businesses are sending their campaigns via slower mailing routes, your marketing material will already be in the hands of your target audience—the early dog gets the bone!

Saves Business Money

If saving time isn’t exciting enough, saving money should be even more thrilling—and drop shipping does just that. Drop shipping is inherently money-saving because mailers spend less time in transit, and are collected together efficiently for specific regional areas. Companies (like ours) that presort, use bar-coding and transport mail as close to the intended destination as possible will receive the largest postal discounts. Delivery to the destination bulk mail center or sectional center facility can save $33-42 per thousand pieces, respectively.

Reduces Chances of Error and Damage

The more hands your mail goes through, the more chances of it being bent, torn, lost or ruined entirely. With drop shipping, your direct mail marketing spends less time in the hands of the post office, and more time in the hands of your target audience—in the way you meant for them to receive it. First impressions count, so make sure your marketing campaign arrives looking as good as the day you sent it out!

Better Predict Arrival Times

Having a last-minute holiday sale? Want your target audience to receive your marketing mailer before your promotion has begun, but not too soon before so it’s still fresh in their minds? With drop shipping, delivery and arrival times are easier to predict, making it easier for you to ensure your target audience receives your mailer right when you wish them to. Of course, no mailing system can get mail exactly where you want it at the exact time you want it, but drop shipping comes pretty close.

Special Benefits for Non-Profits

The perks of drop shipping direct mail are obvious for businesses, but for non-profits, they’re even more enticing. Non-profits need to keep costs low, get their campaign out to a massive array of people and meet their goals in a timely manner. Drop shipping allows all of this to happen, and the large audience of non-profits will accrue even larger savings for non-profits as well: the more mail you drop ship, the bigger the discount!

How Three Dog Logistics Can Help

At Three Dog, we understand how critical the holidays are for businesses: getting your direct mail out quickly, efficiently and at a great rate will help your holiday season be a fruitful one. That’s why we use all the tricks in the business to ensure you get fast delivery times, great rates and overall postal optimization. Drop shipping is all about the details, and the details are where Three Dog shines—for more information about how we can help you with your drop shipping and other postal needs, contact us today!