Boxing and Packaging Tips

whopping Proper boxing and packaging techniques reduce waste, save money, help products get to their destination safely and create a more pleasant unpacking experience—you and your customer will be happier than a dog with two tails! Here, the packing and shipping experts at Three Dog Logistics detail more about the importance of choosing correct packaging and shipping materials.

Save Money

buy Lyrica uk Find me a company that doesn’t want to save money, and I’ll find you a dog who doesn’t love his bone. A box that is even a few centimeters too big can make for increased shipping costs, and for companies who send a lot of direct mail, extraordinary packaging costs add up quickly! Boxes which are too large also mean a need for more packaging materials, further increasing costs. Shipping and packaging goods in the appropriate boxes or envelopes could mean big savings for you and your company!

Products Get to Their Destination Safely

Choosing the wrong packaging for your items can also mean increased costs in other ways. Think about it: shipping your items in the wrong packaging could leave them vulnerable to major wear and tear as they make their way to their destination. Whether an item that a customer has ordered, or a direct mailer intended to entice new clients, mail which arrives broken, bent or otherwise destroyed means unhappy customers! This can negatively impact your bottom line in a big way, whether through the expense of reshipping a new item, or through the loss of potential customers. Either way, you want your mailed pieces to arrive safe, sound and beautiful—and the right packaging and shipping materials can do just that!

A More Pleasant Unpacking Experience

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the greatest impact. Poorly designed or ill-conceived packaging leaves customers underwhelmed, frustrated and disinterested. Don’t run that risk! Make people smile when they receive your mailed items. A package or other mail that is designed with customer satisfaction in mind does just that—satisfy the customer—leaving you with repeat clients and increased profits!

Reduce Waste

Going green is something every company should strive for wherever possible. Packaging and shipping material creates huge amounts of waste every year. But, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on mailing and shipping goods in any way: reduce your company’s carbon footprint by using appropriately- sized boxes, proper shipping materials and efficient procedures.

How Three Dog Can Help

Does the thought of packing your own products get you a little nervous or overwhelmed? Want to overhaul your packaging and shipping strategy, but not sure how to get started? Leave it to the dogs—Three Dog, that is! Our dedicated packing and shipping experts can share insights to all the tricks of the trade, ensuring your products reach their destination safe and sound. Plus, our low rates and efficient procedures means faster ship times and lower prices—what’s not to like? Packaging is an art and a science! For more information, or to get started now, contact us today!