Exclusive Sneak Peek of “The Retriever”

A Brilliant Replacement for Your Next #10 and #14 Mailing

As you know, we typically use this space to share industry insights instead of Three Dog Logistics promotions, but “The Retriever” is a brilliant idea we just had to share! Imagine if you will a plain brown box the same size as a #10 envelope, one-inch thick, sealed with a plain white label containing a return address and generic bar code. It looks just like your package has arrived from a recent online shopping spree. Wait – it gets better! When the package jiggles, it makes noise; something is in there and we must absolutely find out what it is. Meet The Retriever – your next replacement for #10 or larger size mailings with a 100% open rate and ROI results that will blow your mind!


The Retriever is available in standard #10 size and the Mega-Retriever in #14 size. Both the same size as the standard envelope, one-inch thick, and finished product must weigh one pound or less. Due to it’s weight, The Retriever mails as a marketing parcel qualifying for postal rates generally 30-40% less than standard parcel service. For non-profits, there’s an extra bonus. Under special USPS rules, mailed nonprofit solicitations afford even further reduced rates. Real-life example to share, a nonprofit client used to mail in tubes and replaced their tube campaign using The Retriever. They saw a $20k savings with a typical price-per-piece around 40 cents. With response rates as high as 8-10% and a 50% increase in average donation amounts. Seriously – what else could you ask for?


To take full advantage of The Retriever you have to think “inside the box”. What can you fit in the box and be sure to take advantage of the “shake effect.” Insert an item that makes noise when inserted in box to encourage 100% open rate. As always, include a strong call to action and/or BRE for optimum campaign ROI results. Don’t forget Three Dog Logistics can track in real-time the exact in-home parcel delivery date and BRE response so you have up-to-the-minute results for nimble decision-making and staff planning.


For quick and easy sampling programs, The Retriever is an excellent option at a reduced cost. Sampling campaigns should include in-store coupons, online promo code offers, or “share free samples with a friend” options to engage the recipient once they’ve opened the box. The confidential look of the box will encourage 100% open rate even for consumers who may not engage with your product typically. The Retriever is seeing initial response rates of 8-30% depending on call to action with a higher spend/donation per response that standard direct mail campaigns. Why not give The Retriever a try? Get inside the box, be creative, and watch your results skyrocket. Your team will think you’re a genius and we agree.


Let’s Make Some Noise – Creative Use of The Retriever


Ideas to Make Noise

  • Sturdy items like coins, keys, balls, pens, candy, post-it notes, fridge clips or other packaged promotional items.
  • Folded large items, such as a reusable shopping bag, requiring the recipient to further interact with the package once open.
  • Small booklets like calendars, instruction guides, coupon books, etc.
  • Smaller cardboard/plastic/tin containers that could also contain relevant campaign items
  • Items restricted only by your imagination and package weight limit of one-pound or less.


Retriever Item Considerations

  • Select an interesting item that is relevant to the campaign or recipient.
  • Package items so they make noise, but won’t get too beat up in transit.
  • Nothing that could be dangerous or injure the recipient when removed.
  • Ensure items are packaged in the box to maintain their order and easy to remove.
  • Include a strong call to action or BRE to track response rates. Calls to action can include online actions, phone calls, mail-in cards, in-store coupon redemptions, and on-site contest matching of mailed item for prizes.
  • Create your best marketing message, and let the Retriever take care of the rest.


Ready to be out in front and try The Retriever? At Three Dog Logistics, our consultants will help develop a plan that delivers your parcel at the lowest cost and fastest delivery speed possible. Remember, we take the bite out of postage and freight. Visit www.threedoglogistics.com or call 410-284-5494 extension 220 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.