Using Flats & Bound Printed Matter to Engage Your Audience and Save Money

Often, companies are required to send out large booklets of information like prospectuses, healthcare announcements, financial updates, or insurance information. These are typically the most common use of flat and bound printed matter. In addition to required mailings, marketers always look for new ways to capture the attention of their target audience; engaging booklets may be just the hook needed to catch a few more fish.

Whether or not you’re an avid reader, books conjure up the same feelings for most of us. Books represent knowledge, useful information, and a proven way to get smarter. Often the content isn’t the clincher; the action of opening a book of any type engages a reader from the get-go. Since childhood, we’re conditioned to pay attention to books, the instinctual pull to flip through the pages is almost impossible to replicate in any other form.

Luckily it’s easy and affordable to mail booklets via USPS flat or bound printed matter categories. Basically flats allow for up to 1lb, 15 inches long, 12 inches high, and ¾ inch thick, but bound printed matter can be up to 15 pounds (18 inches long, 14 inches high and 6 inches thick) and must be bound with staples or some other spine enclosure. The exact size and shipping method may be worth considering to reduce the cost. Just like all mailings, slight adjustments in dimensions or weight or even the packaging material itself may take a significant bite out of the cost. An experienced mail house can help to navigate the specs and possibly execute your book mailing for less than first-class direct mail.

Think your company doesn’t have anything to offer for the book-smart audience? Keep reading to discover how to create a best-seller that engages your audience and gets your company noticed.

Tips for Creating Best-Selling Booklets to Engage Customers

Tip #1: Deliver Valuable Information

Books deliver knowledge; make sure you do that for the audience. Making the information relevant to your business in some way is even better. Think about your customers; what they might be interested in, would make their life easier, or is just for fun. The list is endless, but below are examples to consider.


Tip #2: Ideas for Best-Selling Booklets

  • Newsletters: Provide knowledge not just about your organization, but articles where the audience feels they learned something new. Especially valuable for non-profits.
  • FAQ or How-To Booklets: For dry cleaners it might be how to pre-treat stains and care for fabrics. For landscapers it could be a guide to native plants and creating wildlife habitats. For real estate agents try projects that will increase the resale value of your house. Whatever you choose make sure you position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Catalogues: Consumers love pictures so even if you don’t consider yourself a catalogue-type company, give it a try. Showcase your best projects, favorite stories, or product/staff profiles.
  • Toolkits: Similar to the How-To Books, but these are designed to stick around for years. Create a book around something everyone has to do and could use a simple instruction manual for. Think about re-setting your TV remote, cooking a moist turkey, or restoring shoes/boots to look new. Just consider what you would want to have and the ideas will flow easily.
  • Convenience Books: This category includes calendars, list of holidays by year, tipping chart, local government and emergency numbers, school closing calendar, or anything else relevant within your community.
  • Just for Fun: If done well, these will be remembered for years. Consider a cookbook of employee recipes, joke books, an inspirational quote handbook, or anything else that will bring a smile to your audience.


Tip #3: Make it Sticky

Whatever you choose, focus on something your customers will be inclined to tuck away and use again. Plaster your company name and web site prominently on the book; every time it’s pulled out your company is once again top of mind. This is called advertising that keeps on giving and giving.

Ready to become a best-selling book author? At Three Dog Logistics, our consultants will help develop a flat or bound printed matter plan that delivers your message at the lowest cost and fastest delivery speed possible. Remember, we take the bite out of postage and freight! Visit or call 410-284-5494 extension 220 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.