It doesn’t all have to go the same way!

Often, we find that mailers think they can only use one method of saving money per campaign but actually, breaking it down into parts may provide even more savings than ever thought possible.

Drop shipping, as an example, can often be the main method of saving – best when your mailing is concentrated so you can qualify for drop shipping discounts.   But what do you do with the pieces that don’t qualify for drop shipping?

A great option for these might be to commingle the mail that could not be drop shipped.

Many mailers think they have to use first class to get mail delivered fast.  There are multiple ways for mail to get where it needs to go in the postal stream that allow you to avoid the high cost of first class, and can still get there quickly.  If the mail can be downgraded to standard mail class and then sent expedited, you will be able to achieve close to first class delivery at a huge savings over straight first class.  Even if the entire mailing cannot be downgraded to standard, save where you can and send the remaining pieces first class.

Frequently, we hear that first class mailers assume their mail gets delivered just because it’s marked first class. However, when sending it standard expedited, tracking it allows you to feel confident with the deliveries so you don’t assume it arrived, you know it did.

There are so many factors involved in deciding the best methods and ways to save money.  Weight, dimensions, concentration, list cleanliness, origination and entry point are all factors.  Just like most of us take our cars to a mechanic because they know what those sounds are its making and the best methods of repair, you should take your mail to experts who live, breath and “bark” USPS requirements and programs.

Whether it is drop shipping, expedited, commingle, bound printed matter, flats or parcels, with or without OBBAtrack, at Three Dog, we have many ways to take the bit out of your postage costs.  Call on us to consult on your next campaign. We are happy to educate our clients so they can make the best decisions and save the most money.