checkmarkOften, Three Dog talks about having our own on-site postal verification office as a value add but do you know why this matters to you?

Because of our volume, we have earned the opportunity to have an onsite, USPS staffed, verification office that meets USPS specifications. In fact, we were recently honored with a 2nd full time USPS clerk to keep up with our client volume – a pretty proud accomplishment for Three Dog Logistics. This gives us prompt attention to our needs for high volumes of mail verification daily, and prevents increased costs in transportation back and forth to a USPS offsite verification office. For our clients, this results in less costs passed along and faster service provided.

We salute the USPS team that works hard on our projects every day. The volumes and complexity of the mail have increased significantly over the years, but, with their assistance, our clients reap the rewards of a higher-volume establishment and a seamless process.

For our clients, the “So What?” is clear – faster, less-expensive, more-effective processing they can depend on.