sheikh-tuhin-mail-1Think an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Sure, they can. Direct Mail went back to college and emerged as Smart Mail, a proven stand-by integrated with new channels and tools to deliver response rates as high as 30%! Ready to learn more? Grab your pencil box and let’s increase your direct mail IQ today.

Smart Mail is a tried and true direct mail campaign personalized and then integrated with web-based response methods offering fast and engaging platforms for the audience. We aren’t talking personalization like your name, there are now laser-like precision options available to engage the recipient; direct mail now has some amazing technology! Web-based response tools include QR codes, pURLs, and micro-sites optimized for mobile that make it simple to engage with each specific campaign – no searching or difficult navigation. Best of all they can respond without ever leaving their home! Keep going to read up on Smart Mail tools available, both full-service and DIY, to use right now.

Smart Mail Techniques and Tools to Increase Direct Mail Campaign Results

Contact Management Tools

No matter how smart direct mail gets, the list will always be the single most important factor to campaign success. Sending a campaign to people who don’t care about what you’re offering or who don’t match your client demographics is crazy. May as well save you the torture of waiting and just light up a wad of cash now. Segmented lists can be bought or compiled and are available based on a huge range of demographics. The trick is to spend time on your list, select demographics that match your current customer base, and if local, pay special attention to geographic regions. Compiled lists are often the most effective and easy to start. Many options for contact management software exists, players like ACT!, SalesForce, Google Docs, and others, make it easy to organize and update your lists regularly.

QR Codes: Quick Response Codes

I’m sure you’ve seen those little black symbols that look like an inkblot test, that’s a QR code. Print codes on direct mail pieces; when scanned from a mobile device it takes the user directly to the web site embedded in the code. No searching and you decide what information they see or action to request once they hit the web page. Consumers have zero patience today so QR codes make a lot of sense. Once a QR code is scanned, you know right away. Reporting built into the code/web site lets you know how a campaign is performing real-time even if nothing has yet been bought. Lots of free DIY QR Code tools out there, check out and to get started.

pURLs: Personalized URLs

Imagine a site that is customized just for you, that’s what pURLs do best. A custom pURL link might look something like this When John goes to his site it contains campaign-specific content that includes anything relevant only to him. Let’s say you know what kind of golf club John uses those images and key words are all over his site. Personalization is only limited to what you don’t know about the recipient. Other ease-of-use options such as pre-populated response forms and showing locations near you can make the user experience very pleasant. Adding pURLs to direct mail pieces can boost response rates up to 30%. Even better, through web reporting you’re able to see how each specific user responded and navigated their pURL site learning more for use in the next campaign. Your direct mail provider can further guide you or DIY tools are available at or

Micro-Sites Optimized for Mobile Devices

As opposed to landing responders to your main web site, consider creating campaign-specific micro-sites instead. Also called landing pages, micro-sites are typically 1-7 pages long, very simple and targeted only to the campaign message and actions you want visitors to take. Microsites also offer options to serve specific coupons/offers upon landing, request more information about the prospect (to update your lists), and generate auto-response contact based on user actions. For example, a user might fill out a short survey and receive a special coupon sent to the email just entered. It’s critical to verify that your microsite has been optimized for mobile devices, if not go ahead and burn more cash. A site that’s all squished or buttons that won’t work on a mobile phone is a complete waste. If good with web sites, make your own microsite, but otherwise ask your direct mail provider for recommendations.

Congratulations you’ve graduated from Smart Mail College; now get out there and blaze a trail into the future!

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