jonata-Embrace-the-WorldWhen it comes to foreign mail – International and Canadian mail – Three Dog Logistics is ready, willing, and able to move that mail for you.   We take the headache and mystery out of the process. Our foreign services include pickup, processing, affix international postage, customs, and delivery. We can also process and presort your international list for you to make sure the address formatting is correct.

We have handled everything from postcard size pieces to large boxes, and piece counts from as small as one package to as large as 200,000 postcards. Our delivery times can be as fast as 2-3 days via courier service.

By calling on Three Dog Logistics to handle your foreign mail, all you need to provide are lists of your International and Canadian contacts, and the weight and size of each piece. From there, we will provide you with a quote. Once you are ready to ship, you’ll also receive a bill of lading for your shipment, and then we will pick it up. No hassle or mystery there!

So, next time, don’t fret over the “foreign-ness” of foreign mail, call Three Dog Logistics instead!