ThinkstockPhotos-121030051Let’s talk lumpy. Not typically considered a popular word to describe much of anything. From lumpy bodies to lumpy foods it just doesn’t elicit a pretty picture. There’s an exception and that’s Lumpy Mail – you know the envelope or box that definitely has something inside. Even the most cynical of consumers will struggle to avoid opening the package, even if they aren’t interested in the product; we just have to see what’s inside.

And that’s why you should consider giving Lumpy Mail a whirl for your business or non-profit organization. Not convinced? Let’s talk cold, hard facts then. According to the Online Marketing Institute, Lumpy Mail or “3D dimensional mailings”, outperform standard direct mail formats by 250%, but only increase the cost per lead by 50%. The response rates climb even higher when the direct mail is combined with an email and phone follow-up. If we were in Vegas I’d say take that bet; wait a minute, I’d say take that bet no matter where you are! Remember the most difficult marketing obstacle these days is to capture their attention – Lumpy Mail busts through and gets noticed – you can bet on that.

Did you Know The Facts and Myths about Lumpy Mail?

FACT:  Did you Know, Strong Target Marketing is Required to Obtain Stellar Results?

The rules for a successful marketing campaign still apply with Lumpy Mail; performance stats like 250% aren’t based just on the packaging. Be vigilant with your list selection; only offer a package to those who would be interested based on targeted behaviors or prior requests. Create clear messaging about why this package is important to the recipient or can change their lives. Of course, most importantly, provide an action step the recipient can take to engage with your organization.

MYTH: Did you Think, Your Company Can’t Afford Lumpy Mail?

Thought to be way too expensive, many organizations never consider this powerhouse direct mail format. The devil is definitely in the details. Before you begin consulting with an experienced marketing parcel firm, like Three Dog Logistics, it is critical to control campaign cost. They can make packaging recommendations like size, weight, thickness, materials, and coating to keep cost low and guarantee your package won’t be rejected by USPS automation. While you might consider selecting your premium lists as Lumpy Mail recipients, the campaign expense is well within the reach of any company.

FACT: Did you Know, Lumpy Mail is Not Just for Samples?

Lumpy Mail can be anything to grab attention, not just samples. Let’s say a non-profit wants to encourage donors to ”grow” a new program and sends plant seeds with their request; it’s both relevant and lumpy. Or a promotion that mails keys to unlock an in-store treasure chest. The options are only limited by your imagination. Samples are always a hit; what better way to get products into the hands of your audience without ever leaving their home?

MYTH: Did you Think, Lumpy Mail isn’t Worth It in the Digital World?

Let’s go back to the most effective digital campaigns; solo is ok, but integrated with direct mail, it almost always delivers higher results. Because consumers are bombarded with advertising daily, it’s critical to build marketing plans that work to stay “top of mind” with varied phases and types of media. Traditional direct mail often gets a bad rap as having low response rates, but according to the Online Marketing Institute, a Lumpy Mail campaign that combines email, direct mail, and telemarking can consistently yield a 13% to 15% response rate. Obtaining a 15% return on investment is great success for any industry!

Ready to try a Lumpy Mail campaign? At Three Dog Logistics, our consultants will help develop a Lumpy Mail plan that delivers your message at the lowest cost and fastest delivery speed possible. Remember, we take the bite out of postage and freight. Visit or call 410-284-5494 extension 340 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.