If you’re in the Standard Mail world, I’m sure you’ve heard the terms “drop-shipping” or “work-sharing”.  Understanding these terms can actually help your business or organization increase revenue!

Understanding how the USPS moves mail is easy to learn and you will benefit your bottom-line considerably.  In a nutshell, the USPS is very good at delivering mail from the local Post Office to your home.  However, they readily admit moving mail across the country has its challenges.  To combat these, the USPS offers discounts to those who handle the majority of the transportation for them (work-sharing).  If a mailer can deliver the mail to the destination Post Office (drop-shipping), then they’ll automatically receive a postage discount.

Three Dog Logistics specializes in assisting clients with this process utilizing our Mail Rover solution.  Not only is the process simple but even those clients without significant volume can take advantage of our solution.  It’s completely web-based which also makes it available 24/7.  You log in, you set up your shipments and we take it from there.

Mail Rover is Three Dog Logistics answer to handling all of your mail-related transportation for your direct mail campaigns.  To learn more about drop-shipping with Three Dog, and for all things postal please visit: www.threedoglogistics.com. Let us know how we can help you take the bite out of your freight and postage expenses.