As we all know, this month is ruled by Cupid. With that in mind, I was thinking about how direct mail is a great chance to court your customers and make them feel special and loved. Of course valentines are THE quintessential direct mail piece, but aside from that there are many ways to romance your customers so they love your company even more.

Remember that courting someone, whether the old-fashioned or on-line dating way, all begins with finding out a little bit about them to see if you are compatible. Start by picking your customer list and then find out what’s important to them and what would make them feel special. Then develop your campaign around that concept. Go ahead and open a bottle of wine, pull on your smoking jacket, play some Barry White, and let’s get down to business.

How Direct Mail Can Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Company

Be Selective
Pick your list and campaign message carefully. In order to win their heart you have to deliver something that is meaningful and shows you put thought into it. If you don’t put effort into this step, you definitely won’t get a second date.

Make the First Move
Be bold and daring. It’s not necessarily size that matters, but be sure to pick a direct mail style that is unique and big enough to grab their attention. With Three Dog Logistics on your side, you’ll be able to send a campaign piece large enough to impress with a tiny price tag. Your beloved recipient won’t even suspect you might be a cheapskate.

Be Funny and Charming
Be sincere and direct with your message. If possible, share a personal story or write the copy pretending you’re sitting across the table from them, having a nice dinner conversation. Be clever, whimsical, and above all use the What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) method of advertising. If I can’t see why your offering will be good for me, then I probably won’t go on the date.

Look and Smell Nice for the Date
Even if it’s what’s on the inside that counts, packaging matters. Make a good impression with the weight, color, and design of your paper; Scratch n’ Sniff isn’t a bad idea either. Sensory stimulation is a huge part of falling in love; the more senses you stimulate the more people remember. Case in point, do you remember the smell of your first boy/girlfriend’s cologne? Bet you do.

Deliver a Special Gift
Everyone loves to receive a present, and I mean everyone. Of course flowers and chocolate are perfect, but product samples and redeemable gift offers are very enticing too. Take a cue from Victoria’s Secret; their mini fold-up mailers always include at least 3 removable “gift cards” redeemable for product and discounts in store. The thickness of the piece and knowledge that they send gifts regularly makes for very high open rates. With Three Dog’s specialty product mailing program, we can mail anything your little heart desires.

Make a Commitment
Don’t reach out just once and never call your date again. Mail often, and with new and fun offerings to keep your audience interested. The one-time approach definitely won’t get the results you’re looking for. For optimal customer engagement, it’s best to mail at least once a quarter if not more.

Try a few of these tips and commit to making your customers fall in love with your company all year. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great it feels to give and to receive.

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