Marketers are always looking for unique ways to get the attention of their prospect base and bridge the direct mail world with the virtual one.  We found a fun method to accomplish both.

Last year, we spoke about our marketing parcel service where we ship marketing parcels for sample programs from major retailers and manufacturers.  This is a perfect way to get the product into the hands of their target market, let them experience it and incentivize them to shop for the full size.

Unboxing, takes it to another level.  Imagine if you sent a marketing parcel package to your prospects and then directed them to “UnBox” it and share their videos online.   Then you take those videos and share them, pin them, tweet them and post them to help spread the word.

We found a website that shows multiple examples of this being done.  (E-commerce Master Plan).   Some of these were planned by the company as a promotion, but you can see how it may be fun to promote it in a larger scale.  Be creative with the packaging and delivery of the contents.

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