There are plenty of ways to spend your marketing dollars in today’s business world, and getting the most out of your dollar is obviously one of your top priorities, along with making sure your audience is encouraged to try your product.

Direct mail has plenty of benefits, not to mention a long track record filled with best practices. Postcards and mailers enable you to specifically target audience members by zip code and neighborhood. But have you ever considered dimensional mail?

Dimensional Mail

Dimensional mail stands out in your audiences’ mailboxes because of its shape and size, and let’s be honest, everyone likes getting an unexpected gift in the mail! In addition, you are putting your product sample directly into the person’s hands. They can feel and see it – the more direct the impression, the better chance you have of encouraging the next step.

One of the misconceptions about dimensional mail is cost and effort. In reality, when you partner with a direct mail and logistics service that has the proper facilities, and the industry experience, the process is simple.

Your main responsibility is to secure the mailing list, along with enough samples, and then contact your direct mail and logistics partner. Once your samples have been picked up, most of your involvement is finished.

One quick reminder: have the proper measuring metrics in place, so you can determine who used your samples, and when. Follow up surveys are an excellent way to capitalize on any kind of dimensional mailing. Remember, your audience has received a free gift, so they are primed to participate in a survey!

Direct Mail

It is wise to remember that whether you are undertaking a dimensional mail or direct mail campaign, there are several best practices that will help you achieve success.

• Make sure your list is clean as possible, and accurate. Ask yourself, “Am I missing out on an audience?”

• Your offer must be compelling – you are competing with plenty of other distractions in the mailbox – creativity goes a long way.

• If creativity is not your strong suit, hire a professional who can help. A well-designed piece encourages the recipient to react.

• When your printer invites you to perform a press check – do it. Sure, it might take time out of your schedule, but you need to protect your investment.

Direct mail and dimensional mail are viable marketing solutions that can be customized to fit any audience. Take the proper steps before your campaign, and speak with an experienced direct mail and logistics partner who can help you boost sales and brand awareness!