Three Dog Offers OBBAgistics – Drop Shipping at its Best

Marketing campaigns require time, money, and effort. So how can you make sure your hard work and marketing dollars are not wasted because a mailing was delayed due to inclement weather or other events?

Three Dog Logistics has the answer: OBBAgistics. This proprietary tracking software allows you to use the carrier of your choice – UPS, FedEx, the United States Postal Service – while providing precision delivery dates and visibility of every single piece of mail in your campaign.

Before we go any further, let us answer the question our customers always ask: What does OBBA mean? It’s the unique ability to track and deliver ON a certain date, order isotretinoin overnight BEFORE a date, BETWEEN two dates, or AFTER a date. Mystery solved!


OBBAgistics is highly intuitive and easy to use, and because it is web based, you can check information day or night, whenever it fits your schedule. Even better, the program alerts you via email if it anticipates a problem with delivery.

Every piece of mail in your campaign is tracked, so you can log in and determine the status of your mailing. In the event of a delay, you and your team can alert your audience via email, phone calls, social media, or carrier pigeon. (We’re kidding about the last one, but you get the idea.)

The key to OBBAgistics is that the information allows you to adapt quickly and prevent your investment, and reputation, from being damaged. You also keep your audience happy – a key component for success.

Imagine part of your marketing campaign includes a postcard with a discount code recipients can use on your website on a specified day. A snowstorm in Kansas delays delivery of the postcard. When it reaches your audience, the sale will be over. With OBBAgistics, you have time to react and create a special offer for this segment of your mailing.


There are two pieces to OBBAgistics: OBBAship and OBBAtrack. These modules allow you to track your campaign from dock to delivery, using the carrier of your choice. Real-time tracking information allows you to anticipate potential delivery problems, and create a solution using the communication channel of your choice.


OBBAtrack™ tracks your mail, and predicts in-home dates with 98% accuracy, allowing Three Dog to identify when there is an unavoidable delay so you can react with a Plan B when needed. Multichannel marketing campaigns are easier to manage with OBBAtrack, and the service is available for as little as $25.00, with no minimums, no contract, and no hassle.


OBBAship™ starts working the minute your mail is picked up. Using the brand name carriers you know and trust, Three Dog picks up your skids of mail, stages them, and dismisses them to the postal system. Your mail is delivered on the assigned date – across town or across the country. With OBBAship, you free up your warehouse space and loading docks, and reduce the headaches of staging. You specify the date, OBBAship delivers.


OBBAgistics reduces the guesswork, and the risk of wasting marketing funds, by providing you and your team with reliable, effective shipping and tracking solutions. You can find out more by visiting our site, or by contacting one of the experts at Three Dog. Call us at 410.284.5494 x170.

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