cardboard-boxAt Three Dog, we are always thinking of innovative ways to save our customers money, decrease mail delivery times, and improve our customer service.

Our latest innovation, The Retriever, is a small cardboard box that actually takes the place of a #10 closed face envelope. The box holds a folded letter, reply, BRE and a small premium if necessary. The customer address is printed on a large label with a barcode, mimicking a UPS label, which is adhered to the box, and also seals it shut.

What is so exciting about The Retriever is that it eliminates the biggest issue with direct mail; wondering whether or not the end customer tosses the mail into the recycling bin or opens it.

When the customer receives The Retriever in the mail, the box looks like something they may have ordered online, or, it looks like it holds something of value. The box contents rattle around inside, especially with a premium, which entices the customer to open the box. Who would throw away a box and not open it?

Three Dog Parcel currently has The Retriever box ready and waiting for your orders. We think the box is perfect for test packages, but anyone wishing to make sure their mail is opened should use The Retriever! Our rates include Data, Fulfillment, IMpb label, Sorting, Postage and Delivery. You just send us your list and materials and we do the rest!

Contact Three Dog for more information and rates today!