1295092948If you’re confused about what’s happening with the USPS and their rates, you’re not alone. When the USPS delayed their rate increase in January, they did it assuming that the “baked in” exigent increase would become permanent. Well, that still hasn’t been decided and everyone is still waiting.

Then, when we thought postage was rising on April 26th, we find that the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) sent the USPS back to the drawing board due to some important miscalculations.

Then, we finally hear on April 16th that the USPS has sent a new proposal back to the PRC with inflation-based increases set to take place on May 31st of this year.

Who knows whether the PRC will agree to this revision, but one thing is sure: the days of simple CPI adjustments coming once a year are gone. The USPS seems to be getting more and more creative each year, and the most important method of making them financially stable sits on Capitol Hill.

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