Welcome to the NEW Barks and Bites Newsletter! This month we’re featuring EDDM as a topic. In fact, if you have not seen it, we’ve published an article on the topic in DMAW AdVents. To read the full story, Click Here


Did you know that an EDDM campaign has a 100% “open rate?” That’s right! When your mail piece arrives, it is flying solo in the mailbox, and the many attractive sizes and designs you can choose from will be sure to make your piece stand out!  With a delivery speed of 14 days from design, and very low postal rates, EDDM is an attractive and affordable way to drive traffic to your site or store.


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Don’t Say That…



Two of our employees were featured in local papers this month. Kelly Spore, our new Director of Business Development was introduced.  Dan Meyerpeter was promoted to Executive Vice President, Operations. Congratulations to both of you!