High Volume = Deep Discounts

Since 2005, Three Dog has been in the business of streamlining the necessary steps to get your mail and parcels into the postal stream with the least amount of hassle and the best possible price. Using the time-tested technique of commingling and drop shipping of standard mail, our clients achieve greater postal discounts than they would otherwise qualify for. And because we handle millions of pieces of mail per day, you take advantage of the deep discounts our volume enjoys.


Our Automation Streamlines Your Process

We know mail. Not just letter mail – flats, postcards, small parcels, and bound printed matter. We look at every step, consider the ever-changing USPS requirements, and combine it with our ample knowledge of technology to make your job easier. The difference is that WE invest in technology and technical know-how, so you don’t have to.

We further streamline the process of setting up a pickup, creating labels, producing the associated paperwork, and tracking of your mail.  This is through our fully automated, web-based transportation management system, which we make available to clients via our OBBA and Mail Rover tools.

Who We Serve

As postal rates continue to rise, and service levels diminished, Three Dog has become to go-to provider for a variety of industries:

Non profits, fundraising and member organizations come to Three Dog to stretch their limited budgets in order to reach more prospective members at a reduced cost. Because of the volume we can handle, we have successfully overcome some of the limitations that NPOs face when working directly with the USPS.

Direct marketers use Three Dogs EDDM for geographically saturated inexpensive mailings, and for commingling of standard mail to save on time and postage. And when the timing of a piece to arrive in home is critical to a campaign, they know they can count on OBBAgistics to track and predict it.

Product sampling companies/campaigns take advantage of our specialty programs offered by Three Dog Parcel. We give them the most affordable method to get product samples into the hands of consumers.

Print Manufacturers and Mailshops rely on Three Dog Logistics for commingling and drop shipping of their customer’s mail and flats. Once they produce a direct mail campaign, we collect the pieces and apply the postal optimization techniques that make the most sense for delivery and cost savings. If tracking the in-home delivery date is important to a campaign, we can apply our OBBAtrack capabilities giving producer and customer trackability of their mail.

Why We Do it Better than Others

When USPS raises its rates, our phones ring off the hook. That’s because we have spent time studying the USPS changes in advance, and have developed sound postal optimization strategies for our clients that will help them adhere to new rules or avoid portions of the price increase. We are small enough to be agile, introducing new concepts and offerings at a faster rate than our larger competitors.

Three Dog has earned several industry, local and national awards for our business model, creativity, and ability to grow exponentially. We have been awarded Inc. 500-5000 four years in a row, which we consider an outstanding achievement. Founder John Kennedy has published several articles, and is considered a thought leader in the industry.