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Packaging Solutions for Premium Fulfillment

If you’re mailing any type of premium, you’ve brought your premium to the right place.

When a recipient responds to an offer and you need to ship something in return, you’re sending a ‘backend premium.’ This marketing approach is used by non-profit and commercial organizations alike with great success. It is also the reason why shipping can be our clients’ biggest expense item. As a parcel consolidator, Three Dog is here to help. Our Premium Fulfillment service will pick up, package and get your premiums into the hands of your recipients/donors at the lowest possible cost.

Pick, Pack & Ship

The perfect fit for your company's growing fulfillment needs.

Successful e-commerce companies who have outgrown their current fulfillment facility need a trusted, easy to work with, knowledgeable partner for their professional looking fulfillment.  Not only do we know how to pick and pack, we use our years of shipping knowledge to get the best pricing in the business.  PP&S is the perfect solution for small to medium size e-commerce companies.  Three Dog services combine warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment and our knowledge of all things postal to reduce the overall cost to fulfill daily orders.

No matter the shopping cart you use, we offer integration services to support your sales efforts.


Kitting and Assembly

When it comes to assembly, machines are not always the answer.

Unique sizes, complex inserts and customized packaging require a personal touch. Our facilities boast:

  • A 50,000 sqft of production & warehouse space
  • Over 1500 rack positions
  • A Scalable workforce
  • QC for all processes
  • Onsite Postal verification

From trade show kits and booth materials to custom healthcare and insurance documents, we handle millions of pieces with integrity.

Three Dog also provides services such as:

  • Portfolio inserting
  • Membership kit assembly
  • Convention packet assembly
  • Meeting materials preparation
  • Notebook collating
  • Name badge assembly
  • Poster rolling
  • Tote bag stuffing
  • Hand tying—ribbons, tassels, string
  • Tabbing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Warehouse solutions

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