This week, our very own, Yvette Diamond, was recognized as Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record.  The event focused around and reminded all of the power of mentoring and leadership.  Every day, we work with people who look to us for inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, both at work and in our personal lives.  Whether obvious or quiet behaviors, we all make an impact and the more purposeful we are about our actions and responses, the more powerful our impact becomes.

The Daily Record received over 400 nominations for this award; the process to narrow it down to only 100 took almost a year. The panel of judges looks deep into each application; the award is not just about strong women in the workforce, it also looks at the impact each of these women has on their community, their work-life balance, and leadership skills. Another component of the award looks at routine behaviors these 100 compassionate women perform.  Whether it is their life’s work, involvement in a specific event or random acts of kindness, each recipient has contributed to the lives of colleagues and strangers and gave back in ways that truly made an impact.  This is proof that we all have the power to alter lives of those affected by life events.

The importance of giving back and being involved in your community applies to everyone, not just women. When children see adults proactively helping others in need, it sets the stage for them to understand the impact of being involved. Imagine if everyone did one small gesture daily for someone they didn’t know – volunteer their time to read to others who cannot,  donate blood, drop off items at a shelter, cook a meal for a friend or family in need. Making an impact doesn’t have to cost you money, sometimes just providing time to someone else goes a much longer way.

Yvette has had her life ups and downs and uses that reminder to share with all that we are all only one catastrophic event away from a loss. These types of events require the help of others, the strength of a community, the support of loved ones to help overcome.  We are proud of Yvette for the leadership she exhibits at Three Dog and the contributions she makes in the community. We congratulate her and all of this year’s recipients and thank them all for their generosity of time and resources.

This month, the Thoughts from the Top Dog recognize each of you for the daily contributions you make to the lives of others – those that you know and those that you do not.  May the power of kindheartedness and giving continue to prosper.