092015 Debate

The 2016 Presidential Campaign is certainly heating up, and to think the television commercials haven’t even started yet!  However, for those of you in the world of soliciting donations on behalf of your respective parties…the fight continues each and every day.

The question is how to most effectively gain a donor’s attention without breaking the bank?  How can you ensure a 100% open rate after spending all of that time and effort in creating the campaign?

Here are 5 politically unbiased tips to help you capture your contributions.

  1. Send your message in a non-descript USPS Marketing parcel box that entices your recipient to open it because it is irresistible.  “Did I order something? Did someone send me a gift?”  For added enticement to open the box, you could add a small premium inside that makes noise when the box shakes.  Could you resist?
  2. Whatever you send, TRACK IT.  Imagine the power of knowing your message got delivered and on what day.  Imagine knowing when to staff your call centers rather than guessing and losing valuable time and resources by overstaffing. Avoid getting flooded with calls and mail without staff to manage it.
  3. For local and focused campaigns, try EDDM.  The USPS EDDM program allows you to avoid the cost of lists and provides you with a way to saturate your district more effectively.
  4. You may not have enough volume to earn deep discounts in postage, but that is what commingling is all about.  If your mail pieces meet the requirements, you can work with a commingler, and they can combine your mail with those of others going to the same zip codes and you can reap benefit from the volume discounts.  If you have a concentrated mailing, be sure to take advantage of drop shipping for even more savings.  You can even schedule these on your own using tools like MailRover.
  5. Save your money and don’t assume you have to send first class to get it there fast, you can use expedited services.   Logistics companies have creative solutions that help evaluate the program, the message, and the goals. All while providing ideas for slight adjustments that can save big dollars in postage.

Whether it’s Three Dog’s latest introduction of The Retriever, our commingling services,  drop shipping, tracking from dock to door with OBBAgistics, our EDDM services or if you just need to tap into our knowledge base, call us and we can help you reach your parties’ contribution  goals more cost effectively.  So jump in the race and call us for support.