About Us

Meet Three Dog.
All too often we see customers spending valuable time tracking shipments, looking for bills of lading, and paying higher costs than they should for mail and freight. As USPS postal rates continue to rise, and the service levels are reduced, our mission at Three Dog is to offer better rates while providing more predictable service levels. We can do that by handling millions of pieces of mail per day, and by inserting it into the postal system “as close to the final mile” as possible, using the brand name carriers that you know and trust.

Meet The Company.
The company is comprised of four divisions: Three Dog Logistics, Three Dog Parcel, Three Dog Every Door Complete™ and OBBAgistics. Each division serves the unique mailing or shipping needs of its clients, and strives to solve the problems and mailing costs that keep business owners awake at night. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, the company was founded on the belief that a single logistics provider should be able to assist with drop shipping, commingling, and international delivery of mail, flats and parcels. And it should be reliable, seamless, and headache-free. At a competitive price.

Meet The Top Dog.
John Kennedy, Founder and CEO, formed Direct Mail Logistics in 2005. In an industry dominated by many large players with deep assets, Kennedy was determined to make an impact in the Logistics market. With over 25 years in the business, and having experienced every portion of the supply chain, Kennedy was uniquely qualified to create solutions to everyday logistics problems and challenges. “I put myself in my client’s shoes daily, in order to know what new solutions are going to be needed,” he says.

In 2008, Direct Mail Logistics underwent a complete brand makeover, re-naming the company Three Dog Logistics after the three pug dogs that had full run of their office. Today, the company and the canine-based marketing campaigns are well-recognized by clients, competitors and peers. Three Dog Logistics has received several awards, and has been named on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies for the past four years. Good Dog!